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Edited by Alvaro Rodríguez Fominaya and Michael Lee. Contributions by Cao Weijun, Valerie C. Doran, Norman Ford, Erin Gleeson, Jens Hoffmann, Hou Hanru, Lee Weng Choy, Cédric Maridet, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hu Fang, Magnus Renfrew, Héctor Rodríguez, Russell Storer, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, June Yap, Philip Yenawine and Yeung Yang. Interviews by Hu Yuanxing, Alvaro Rodríguez Fominaya and Carolee Thea.

This anthology compiles 16 essays on curating art in and of Asia. One of the themes is the politics of care, commonly understood as the basic role of curators, with regards to art and artists, across time and contexts. Another theme revolves around markers of success in the realm of contemporary curating. A third recurring theme deals with curating in the globalised art world of advanced travel and communication technologies. A fourth theme reconsiders the audience as active producers in an artistic and curated experience. Through a variety of perspectives and literary styles, these texts constitute primary notes towards ‘curatorial criticism,’ a subfield of cultural criticism that identifies the new in curating today.

ISBN 978-988-98963-9-3

Published by Para/Site Art Space
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First published 2010 in an edition of 1000 in conjunction with the Para/Site Art Space–Hong Kong Jockey Club Curatorial Training Programme

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