In this installation, Candyplatz, Brendan Goh (Singapore) and Andrea Coyotzi Borja (Mexico) re-imagine a part of Berlin in candies, biscuits and other sweet foods, transforming the Fernsehturm and its surroundings into a sugary treat for consumption. Would eating change the memory of a place?

Created by
Brendan Goh and Andrea Coyotzi Borja
Food installation
140cm x 80cm x 45cm (approx)

Fri-Sun 24-26 Jun 2011

Mica Moca Project Berlin
Lindower Strasse 22 S/U Wedding
13347 Berlin, Germany

Part of
RAM / Random Access Memory / SEGMENT I /

Special thanks
Andrzej Raszyk
Patrycja Delong
Ewa Surowiec
Nicole Maffi
Pearl Heneghan
Romina Bulacio Sak