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16 Jan 2017

To Whom It May Concern:


Dear Clients and Associates,

In April 2016, SEED | PROJECTS was approached by one KWAN CHIEN HUI HEDRICK aka HENDRIKA GUANZ (“Mr Kwan”), Partner and Manager of PLANT VISIONZ LLP (‘PV’) to provide consultancy services for PV’s projects and to train its staff. SEED | PROJECTS welcomed the collaboration, and this was the third such occasion in which PV and SEED | PROJECTS had worked together.

Subsequently in June, Mr Kwan together with one CHIA NORA (“Ms Chia”), the other Partner and Manager of PV, offered to make me, BRENDAN GOH, the third partner of PV to enhance collaboration between my business SEED | PROJECTS and theirs. Their offer was respectfully declined after due consideration, and the previous arrangement with SEED | PROJECTS providing consultancy and training services continued until November 2016.

On 27 Nov 2016, we were notified by Mr Kwan that SEED | PROJECTS’ consultancy and training services were no longer required from the month of December 2016 onwards. PV’s termination of the arrangement was accepted, and upon SEED | PROJECTS’s completion of all outstanding obligations, we parted ways amicably.

However, SEED | PROJECTS was owed a sum of S$513.41 for services rendered in the month of November 2016 which, despite several promises by Mr Kwan, remains unpaid to this day.

We have recently been made aware that PV, through its partners Mr Kwan and Ms Chia, had circulated a document purporting to list the reasons for the conclusion of the business relationship between PV and SEED | PROJECTS. Also contained within are aspersions cast on the quality and suitability of one of SEED | PROJECTS’ concepts and product, BOLA BOLA.

We have obtained a copy of this document and consider the allegations therein to be a fraudulent misrepresentation of the facts of the matter, as it contains multiple factual inaccuracies which both Mr Kwan and Ms Chia know or ought to know to be false in material part. Furthermore, during the course of our working relationship, neither SEED | PROJECTS nor myself were ever informed of any of the allegations raised.

Therefore, we believe that the contents and circulation of this document were designed by PV and/or its partners to evade their contractual obligations of payment, to tarnish the reputation of SEED | PROJECTS, and to wrongfully disparage and impugn my character, credit, integrity and competence. It is also clear from the tone and context of the document that the same was published maliciously.

We have in our possession copies of all relevant communication between SEED | PROJECTS and PLANT VISIONZ LLP, which negates the allegations made by PV and its partners Mr Kwan and Ms Chia.

In order to safeguard my reputation as well as that of SEED | PROJECTS, its concept BOLA BOLA, and protect the interests of our clients, we are exploring all legal options available and to that effect we have retained the services of A C Fergusson Law Corporation. If you have received any documents from PLANT VISIONZ LLP or its partners Mr Kwan or Ms Chia, or from any of its staff, purporting to explain the reason behind the conclusion of the professional relationship between SEED | PROJECTS and PV, please contact us directly via email at or my solicitor at

Thank you.




Brendan Goh, Owner

cc: Mr Foo Juyuan, A C Fergusson Law Corporation

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